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Sing it loud and sing it proud!! Complete karaoke available now from for any event including Weddings, parties, corporate functions or fundraising events. Our system currently boasts over 29'000 original digital tracks and is updated regularly, so if you fancy covering a timeless classic, or if you want to wow the crowd with a current biggie, we've got it covered! We have two dedicated Karaoke packages to choose from which we detail below. Our Karaoke is also available as part of our Definitive Wedding Package.


A complete system including your host, digital Karaoke system, professional sound system, TV monitor screen, cordless microphones plus request slips and pens. A three hour package.


The same basic ingredients as above but with lighting for the real X Factor effect and followed by a Disco with one of our Pro DJs to round off your evening. We can provide one of our larger sound systems with this package should your venue or guest numbers require it at no extra cost. A Five hour package.


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