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mobile disco and dj booking guide

When booking a Mobile Disco or DJ, the number one rule of thumb in our experience, is always look for a professional. As the person booking and ultimately responsible for payment, you should be seeking value for money. Not every DJ is a professional, so if the event you are planning is important to you, then there are some vital questions you should ask your DJ or Disco provider.

Do they have relevant experience?
If your DJ works in your local Club or Bar playing only Chart or Dance music, will they be able to cater for a Wedding or Anniversary party? The same also applies for an eighteenth or twenty first Birthday Party, or perhaps a Club night. It's vitally important to source a DJ that can cater for each and every one of your guests on any particular evening.

Is your Disco provider or DJ reliable?
We regularly receive frantic telephone calls on Friday & Saturday evenings from people needing a DJ at short notice because the "DJ" they had originally booked has suddenly decided that ,for whatever reason, they can't make the gig. Chances are they were part time, amateur or bedroom DJs, booked solely because they were perhaps less expensive than a professional service. Equally concerning is the fact that we often receive last minute telephone calls from other DJs to cover gigs that they have unwittingly double booked, just can't be bothered fulfilling or because they have been offered more money to take a gig elsewhere.

Does your Disco Provider use professional equipment?
It's pretty easy today for anyone to buy very inexpensive and nasty, budget, Disco equipment. This explains why there are suddenly so many "DJs" only too willing to take your hard earned cash in return for little or no experience, inadequate or dated lighting, harsh and nasty sound and overall poor performance. With a Disco service or DJ, remember, you really do get what you pay for.

Do they have insurance?
Public Liability Insurance is a necessity to provide peace of mind for you and your guests. Many DJs refuse to pay for insurance cover. Be sure to check for insurance and ask for a copy of the certificate. Electrical equipment for use in the public domain should be annually P.A.T.** tested, so again, ask to see a valid certificate if you are in any doubt.

Will the DJ work with you?
Maybe you would like to meet the DJ prior to your function, or perhaps you would like them to set up their equipment earlier than anticipated. You could have specific music requirements such as particular songs for your first and last dances, or certain types of music or tracks you don't want played. Perhaps you don't want your Disco to use certain effects such as strobe or UV lighting or haze and smoke machines. A professional Disco Service or DJ will work with you to address any concerns or requirements you may have to make your event special without any inconvenience or stress to you.

Does your DJ or Disco Service have back up?
This is vitally important and applies to both equipment and personnel. We carry essential back up equipment to all our mobile gigs and always have experienced back up DJs available for both private functions & our regular venues. Our vehicles are all covered by 24 hour AA roadside & relay recovery.

Will I receive written confirmation and a booking contract?
Again, very important for your peace of mind. Always insist on written confirmation of your booking which has been signed by the entertainment provider. This is also an ideal way to check that the details of your function such as venue, date, times and price are correct and as agreed.

Should I book my band for my wedding disco?
In our experience, the answer is always a resounding no!!! Would you hire a plumber to rewire your house!?!? Very few musicians have DJ skills or experience and if you want a competent, quality DJ, experience is essential - especially for Weddings. Some bands will offer a disco as an "add on" which in reality leaves you saving very little money in comparison to what a professional DJ will charge for their services. Why pay the same money for an inferior product?? If you are concerned about set up times, which a lot of bands use as an excuse to sell their so called "add on" disco, a professional DJ will always liase with the venue and band to ensure that the transition between your band finishing & the beginning of your disco is fast, smooth & completely hassle free. Remember most bands idea of a "disco" is a laptop computer or mix cd playing whilst the band members pack up the bulk of their equipment.

**Portable Appliance Test - a periodical check by a certified electrical engineer on all electrical equipment & leads to ensure safety & correct function.


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